Jen’s Judgement: Mason Jar Drinkware

Whether you call it  Hillybilly drinkware or a Redneck wineglass, sipping from a mason jar is sure to conjure up images of summertime and an iced tea or an ice cold lemonade on the porch.

You don’t have to steal them from your grandma’s pantry anymore, we’ve got dozens of styles, colours and decoration options to choose from.

These jars are available in a rainbow of colours or clear acrylic with coloured lids & straws and also a stainless steel or matte finish.  Chose a colour scheme to match your logo and show off your brand in laid-back style.   Cool & trendy mason jars are the perfect accompaniment to your corporate picnic or any event you’ve got going on this summer.

No longer just for jams & pickles, mason jars are the hottest in trend drinkware this year.