la Mie du Pain Gift Set

Bread is pretty basic, right? Then why is it so complicated to make? With the measuring, the yeast, the kneading and the rising (if you did it right!)

La Mie du Pain takes the guesswork out of baking and gives you everything you need for delicious homemade bread all in one jar (just add buttermilk)!

Ingredients come pre-measured and attractively layered in a reusable Mason Jar. The set also includes an enamel mug imprinted with your logo.

My son & I mixed up the ingredients (he liked how the squishy dough felt), popped it in the oven and 45 minutes later we were enjoying a healthy homemade snack. A crusty bread with a oats, pumpkin seeds, sweet cranberries and a hint of rye, we had ours with apple butter and milk from the mug (sorry, apple butter not included).

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